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Practices and demonstrative actions
- Methods of optimal assessments for brown bear population
- RAT : risk assessment team
- ARMU : animal rescue mobile unit
- Reducing of juvenile mortality and monitoring the active dens
- Systems for reducing damages produced by bears
- Analyze of the degradation

   ARMU : animal rescue mobile unit

Regulament CENTRU ARMU

   Animal Rescue Mobile Unit linked directly to the Center for Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Large Carnivores, represents one of basic celulule for conservation activity, through concrete actions, continue presence in the territory and the permanent impact perceived.
   Practical component for saving specimens of wild animals has two components connected both through additional functions they perform, and by specialized personnel who serve them. The first component, the Center for Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Large Carnivores is the building from the point Lepsa Funicular, which implies the existence of care medical facilities and temporary holding of animals and represents the base of shelter and working for field team. The second component is the Animal Rescue Mobile Unit, representing a land, having veterinary ambulance function.
   The Centre for Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Large Carnivores is showned as an integrated system with well defined areas for different types of activities, from the outset proving the functionality that was designed. To fulfill the functions of a rehabilitation center, there were made building rehabilitate works, renovation of the outside spaces, being made water supply and electricity systems. At the Centre it can be distinguished the following functional areas:

   A. The Base - represented by existing building, is approximately 150 sqm living space in which the team carries out activities for primary processing of monitoring data and where there are technique equipments for specific activities and documentary materials. Also, space can provide also function of information point of potential visitors to the Center. In this first sector is distinguished:
- area for primary processing of monitoring data. In this area, for particular designation, there are monitoring equipment: antennas, receivers, transmitters, but also photo and video technique equipment and data storage and processing, GPS positioning devices, those for field work, workstations and some equipment specially designated for field stages.
- accommodation and kitchen areas for the team that ensure service permanence at the Center.