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Practices and demonstrative actions
- Methods of optimal assessments for brown bear population
- RAT : risk assessment team
- ARMU : animal rescue mobile unit
- Reducing of juvenile mortality and monitoring the active dens
- Systems for reducing damages produced by bears
- Analyze of the degradation

   Reducing of juvenile mortality and monitoring the active dens

   On the entire project area the favorable habitats for bears are overlapping with human settlements and cultivated or animal grazed spaces. This situation combined with the habitat’s degradation, reduction of food sources and lack of reaction of the wildlife managers, lead at major conflicts which are increasing every year. In Romania the bear produced damages are the biggest on the proposed project’s area. The reason is the presence of the highest bear concentration at the Carpathian’s level. In general the damages are made in those livestock, crops, beehives and others which are in the neighborhood of the bear habitats.
   In Vrancea County there are implemented efficient protection measures of the livestock, but the level of the damages remains continually high in the unprotected areas, fact which increases the negative image of the specie. The demonstrative character of these activities created a favorable opinion about the using of such protection systems, so that many farmers have manifested their whish to purchase such electrical fences.
   The success of livestock and crop protection achieved in Vrancea County together with the implementing team’s experience will be projected over Covasna and Harghita counties too in those areas where the bears produce damages in livestock, crops, and farms. Thus, apart of the 12 complete existing electrical fence systems (purchased in the frame of LIFE05NAT/RO/000170), 22 another similar systems with different technique characteristics will be bought. Besides other techniques and systems will be purchased or manufactured (wires with textile flags, wind squeezells, audible warnings, deterrent substances like the Lithium-chloride).
   In every spring (until May) the responsible team with the implementation of that action will organize meetings with those farmers which suffered losses in order to sign the operation contracts for live stock protection systems. Depending on the damage level it will be chosen the type of electric fence, the dimensions, voltage and if the situation requires the complementary additional technique. Starting with May, each year are going to be mounted at least 30 protection systems around live stocks, crops, and farms in every site where existed conflicts or damages made by bears.